The University level is still raising in Karate...

The progress of Karate was clearly highlighted from 2 to 4 October 2015, showing a great evolution in the technical field and a great tactical efficiency in the various contests of KUMITE in these University National Games.

Fluency and Efficiency!!! define the development of the event.

The XPORTS technology changes the perspective of events in National Karate, making more flexible all the competitive processes and optimizing the resources, in addition to the possibility to watch online and in real time the progress of the combats on Smartphones.

Faster weighing

The reduction of time of the weighing is a reality… More than 250 sportsmen weighed in an estimated time of 60 minutes, where XPORTS helped to raise the recovery time of the athlete in the competitive period by converting the weighing time from hours to minutes.



Organizador del Evento

Excelente la entrega de resultados, aquí sale rapidísimo…..

What’s nice about XPORTS is that on the Internet, it help us to keep informed many people on what is happening… I think that the building of a community is interesting, of any community that uses the software… Because it allows not only to keep control of a championship, but it is also the creation of the community, the creation of an environment in which we can use a software to handle our information… A great experience… The consulting was very, very important,  we did not have to wire many things, what we need are good machinery… Otherwise, nothing!!!! and do not forget, share your passion with XPORTS.


Karate steps inside the online technological Innovation

To the surprise of the organizers, Judges, Trainers and Sportsmen, XPORTS revolutionized the sports competitions of Karate, being the first organization in the implementation of computer strategies that makes processes more flexible and that allows accurate information to reach everyone.