Taekwondo Imposes its competitive level.

In these XXIV University National Games of ASCUN, Taekwondo revealed its sports level, with different athletes from the Colombian team playing on international events, gathered in the various combats done from  5 to 7 October… Xports did not only surprised with its excellent level but also with the discovery of sportsmen of its computer system level; through the visualization of online drawing lots, it was not only showing the progress of contests but also the entire program: competition areas, numbers of contests, time of contest, points, types of winning and much more from any  Smartphone….

Technical Congresses shorter, more dynamic and efficient.

The tedious and long technical congresses are “on the way out”… With the Xports technology, the reduction of time in congresses will become more and more essential, as it was in these University Games, where the athletes’ check  and drawing lots were the main theme with a great agility and truthfulness of information.

Faster Competition Programming.

Trainers and sportsmen were surprised by the coverage of information obtained in the drawing lots of contests Xports; They could not only watch the program of contests of the day, but also each drawing lot and more again… Each of these drawing lots’ branch was showing the photo of the competitor, the number, area, time, type of winning  and score of each contest.


Jefe de Árbitros del Evento

Excelente la entrega de resultados, aquí sale rapidísimo…..