Video analysis, Sponsors and Marketing


Recording videos

 Xports is now launching its new improvement of the championship module, implementing the recording of videos and video streaming.

Recording of combats

Xports will generate a library in its Youtube channel. Each combat will be recorded and stored. It will also be possible to access to videos through drawing lots.

Video streaming

Forecast of combats (semifinales and finales) in live and direct. With this improvement in Taekwondo, we can rely forecast of local, regional, national, international and world competitions.

Training programs

Everybody get something from the championships… Trainers, physical coaches and sportsmen will be able to make their respective video analysis to improve their training plans and watch their sports performance.


Semifinals and Finals wil be forecast through the XPORTS channel in Youtube.

Video Analysis

Consult and analyze the videos of contests of each athletes in the championships is now a reality.


Improving the training plans by realizing the adjustments shown by the performance of athletes in each competition is now easier, combining the Xports video analysis and the statistics of sports performance.

Sponsors and Marketing

Badges y Mobile Marketing
Videos and sports statistics will be in the history of each athletes, constituting a sports curriculum where will be recorded the events, championships, seminars, videos and statistic performances.