1st World Police Games Colombia 2015

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Preparation of Kazakhstan

Direction in XPORTS by Philippe, Manager Leo

Cycle 1: Mallorca (PANAMA ARUBA), Madrid, Las Vegas, Medelin (REV SLIDER CON CADA GRUPO DE FOTOS)

Cycle 2: Korea, KITF




Athletes and parts of life

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International director of KITF

Philippe as director

Photo with Mr. Oh

Opportunities that open the World.


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First foreign team in the KITF

Historical participation



Photos and video


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Korean Industry Taekwondo Federation

The KITF (Korean Industry Taekwondo Federation).

1 – Official visit (Sep-2013)

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The KTA and Xports

The KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association)…

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Convention Keimyung and Xports

Convetion Keimyung and Xports

Championships for training

Education programs and diplomas

Exchanges between sports teams

Research center

PHOTO: Lee Sun Jang and Leonardo + Book photos and revisited [YA ESCANEADOS /_Keimyung_Convenio]

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