Education and Management of Taekwondo in Peru

During the Taekwondo World Championships Puebla 2013 (Mexico), a meeting was held with the Peruvian Taekwondo Federation, between its […]

XPORTS academic programs in Europe

During the World Championships in Mexico (Puebla), XPORTS have held professional reunions with Master Jesús Tortosa Alameda, head coach of Spain Team and great personality in Taekwondo World, recognized as a revolutionary man in Taekwondo for being a pioneer in the integration of sport sciences into our discipline […]


Convention Keimyung and Xports

Convetion Keimyung and Xports

Championships for training

Education programs and diplomas

Exchanges between sports teams

Research center

PHOTO: Lee Sun Jang and Leonardo + Book […]

Xports and HSCU: Taekwondo evolving

With a mission to provide methodologies and information technologies applied to the development of the World Taekwondo are in […]